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      安吉利斯是使命导向365bet领域的思想领袖. We have been helping our clients incorporate their mission-related goals into their investment portfolios for over 20 years. We partner with our clients to invest in market-rate investment strategies that are values-aligned while fully managed for risk.

    • 环境、社会和治理因素

      在洛杉矶, 考虑环境, 社会, and 治理 (环境、社会和治理) factors are fully integrated into our manager due diligence process across all asset classes.

      We believe that superior investment results over the long-term go hand in hand with responsible and sustainable practices. We believe it is critical that investment managers integrate 环境、社会和治理 analysis into their investment processes, 从长期可持续性的角度审视公司和管理团队. 365bet还研究了365bet经理如何管理自己, seeking to understand what firms do to reduce their own carbon footprint and how goals and progress 测量 and communicated.


    团队和企业多样性是365bet分析企业及其资源的重要组成部分, 包括了解公司如何培养团队的多样性和包容性.

    通过积极主动地与管理者进行环境、社会和治理和DEI实践, 365bet相信,365bet是推动行业发生积极变化的催化剂. Angeles asks all managers to provide detailed information on gender and race across their investment team, 所有权结构和员工总数. We go beyond the statistics in seeking to understand managers' commitment to promoting DEI at their firm and within the industry overall; we want to know managers' DEI goals and how they plan to measure and communicate progress. 除了, we press managers on whether and how they engage with the companies where they invest regarding DEI goals and practices.

    管理365bet自己的公司, 天使培养和促进道德和社会责任的文化. 365bet公司重视并促进多元化和包容性. We believe a diverse team enables us to make better investment decisions through the rigor that accompanies the input of diverse perspectives, 的见解, 经历, 和想法. 365bet相信365bet的文化能促进员工的幸福感和团队合作, 哪个能带来更好的365bet结果.


    • 环境、社会和治理分析
      • 环境、社会和治理 analysis is fully integrated across our rigorous manager research process and incorporated into Angeles' proprietary database.
      • DEI的考虑完全融入了365bet的经理研究过程中.
      • 安吉利斯的专有尽职调查问卷对环境、社会和治理极其全面, DEI和影响365bet. Our manager research process is designed to deliver and demands measureable results from ourselves and the managers where we place client assets.
      • Angeles has a Mission Related Investment (MRI) Committee to oversee the execution of our goals in MRI and maintain 问责制.
    • 环境、社会和治理集成和DEI实践
      • Angeles uses a framework for a qualitative assessment of managers’ 环境、社会和治理 integration and DEI practices and regularly communicates this information to clients.
      • 安吉利斯寻求365bet于拥有多种所有权的经理人, leadership and/or investment teams and firms that are committed to improving DEI and 环境、社会和治理 integration.
      • 洛杉矶有负责任的365bet政策,负责任的365bet是365bet文化的一部分.
      • 洛杉矶的招聘和管理实践促进了多样性、公平性和包容性.

    因为365bet每个客户的价值观和目标都是独一无二的, our MRI work encompasses a broad range of strategies including exclusionary screens of companies with negative attributes, 整合对环境、社会和治理因素有利的因素, and investments that are actively engaged with corporate managements or have direct impact on addressing societal ills.


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    • 环境、社会和治理集成


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    • 影响365bet

      目标是可测量的积极和/或环境影响. 最具吸引力的是私人市场

    • 多样性



    Angeles assists clients in the development of mission-related investment policies from the initial education phase through implementation.

    • 教育


      • 天使提供最初和持续的教育与受托人和工作人员. 365bet调查保管委员会以建立最初的目标和共识.
    • 策略及政策发展

      策略 & 政策发展

      • 与客户合作建立和纪念MRI目标, 任务优先级, 以及政策文件中的365bet组合策略.
      • 与客户合作建立治理结构, 问责制, 衡量成功的标准.
    • 监视、报告和学习

      监测、报告 & 学习

      • 将环境、社会和治理问题纳入365bet分析和决策过程中.
      • 不断的学习和反思来提高结果.
    • 实现


      • Angeles管理跨资产类别的MRI365bet组合.
      • Portfolios represent best in class strategies that align with client values and don’t sacrifice return.

    Angeles is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). PRI是世界上负责任365bet的主要倡导者. 作为革命制度党的签署人, Angeles is committed to adopting and implementing the six Principles for Responsible Investment.

    作为365bet作为可持续发展和负责任企业的承诺的一部分, 洛杉矶365bet公司与Terrapass合作, 总部位于旧金山的一个组织, 来抵消365bet乘飞机旅行产生的碳. 洛杉矶365bet公司购买了53吨二氧化碳的补偿, 代表365bet估计的2019年航空旅行排放量. Terrapass通过在美国各地的各种项目中365bet来实现这一目标, 包括清洁水和可再生能源, 如风能, 垃圾填埋气(垃圾), 和生物燃料. 洛杉矶365bet公司现在在 Terrapass 网站作为合作伙伴.

    此外,今年365bet被选中加入 融合慈善事业这家总部位于纽约和奥克兰的机构致力于促进使命导向的365bet. We continue to engage all of our managers on not only incorporating 环境、社会和治理 considerations in their investment process, 而是向他们拥有的公司施压,让他们表现出对这些目标的承诺和进展. 365bet直接对365bet的经理采取了同样的方法, 要求他们, 太, 随着企业, 致力于采用这些原则.

    首席执行官多元化行动 & 包容 is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to drive measurable action and meaningful change in advancing diversity, 工作场所的公平和包容.

    • Terrapass
    • 融合慈善事业
    • 首席执行官为多样性和包容性行动
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